Who Are We?

30+ Years of shared experience, obscuring the complex and delivering the best


Hamish Prior

Founder & Director

Founding partner, Hamish setup 5.Levels back in 2013 after a number of friends and associative began inquiring about whether or not he’d be able to make them a website. Sensing the opportunity, 5.Levels was born and within a year was consistently taking on new Squarespace clients. The end of 2014 brought with it our certification as an official Squarespace Specialist, an elite program comprising the very best agencies available to help Squarespace customers get the very best out of their websites.

Hamish’s taste for development grew over time, and by the beginning of 2016 his skills writing Java, Cappuccino, Swift and PHP enabled 5.Levels to begin more serious bespoke development work for a number of clients.


Steven Prior

Director of Bespoke Development

Steven Prior began life in the construction industry, working for a number of companies before going into business for himself flipping houses. Concerned with the high financial risk and relatively slim rewards however, he turned his attention to software, a career that allowed him to exercise similar creative and design based skillsets with a fraction of the capital required and financial risk.

Steven quickly formed Sync International, the company responsible for SMR7, a world leader in FMI and merchandising software allowing retail giants around the world the ability to properly understand the way their products were represented in stores, marketing agreements were being upheld and much more.


Working together, both at and away from the office

A father and son team, Steven and Hamish can be found around each other outside of the office too. Both keen supporters and volunteers at the Camberwell Hockey Club, Hamish as team manager of the men’s premier league team and Steven recently retired as chair of the junior section. Not at the club? Perhaps you’ll find us catching a pint (or two) at our Richmond local, or having a barbecue with the rest of the family.


Camberwell Hockey Club

Hamish began playing hockey at age 9 for the Camberwell Hockey Club. Taking leadership rolls in junior teams from a young age, Hamish eventually joined the men’s section committee and currently is team manager of the club’s Men’s Premier League team. Steven has been involved throughout the whole time too, managing Hamish and daughter Imogen’s junior teams, before taking on the role of Junior Section Chair, along with it a place on the club’s board. His generation of the board oversaw the development of the club’s new facilities.

Team Planning Fridays

Come 2PM on a Friday, it’s off to the All Nations Hotel for our weekly team meeting. We’ll go through everything we’ve gotten done that week, what we have planned for the next and any other relevant items.

After this, we’ll follow up with a counter meal and a few cold pints, the working week is over, we’d rather assist the creative process and come up with our new ideas. What better way to see out the week than a few cold ones in a warm and sunny beer garden, or by the warm fire in the winter?

Lots of travel

Steve and Hamish are pretty regularly on the move. Some of our biggest clients are based in the United States and United Kingdom, which sees Steven over there a couple times a year to work with them.

Other than that, both love travelling all around the world to watch the hockey. Just recently in Bhubaneswar, India, and earlier in 2018 Breda, Netherlands. This year things are a bit closer to home, with matches in Sydney, Melbourne and Hobart.