Exploring the City

After I got back from the shops having bought my jacket and everything, I came back to the room and hung out a bit (wrote last post) and then eventually decided to go out. I made the decision to go out for dinner then get a few beers. First off went to the Hard Rock Cafe, where they have this whole bar area to the side I didn't even know about. This was pretty cool, had about three drinks there then moved on. Came back to the room very briefly to eat some cheap food from the supermarket (scrapped the idea of eating out) and then headed toward an Australian bar in a big Plein area, kind of like what we had nearby our place in The Hague. 


This was pretty good, met a bloke from WA in there and hung out for a bit, then moved on to some other bar nearby. 

Yesterday I managed to wake up late again, which was really good because I had struggled with this the night before. Went out and got some food then wondered around the city till about 2 or 3. After that I came back to the room to get some work done and just have a chill out. Went back to the supermarket to pick up some supplies then just stayed in. 

Today I'm planning on heading down to visit The Hague again, as am keen to get back down there and check it out in the winter. Gonna go out for dinner tonight though, sick of shitty meals so that will be good. After this will head into the Red Light District. I haven't yet since being here and am really running out of nights. 

Sorry, bit of a slow day yesterday but tomorrow's post shall be much more interesting