The other day I realised that it had been too long since I had done any proper long form writing, and I decided that I have really actually missed getting my thoughts out on certain topical issues that I actually thought about and wanted to provide input on. 

For many of my formative years in life this provided a really great outlet. Some posts would make my modern day self literally cringe into a singularity of embarrassment, but some had a few valid points and I felt quite good writing about, and I decided to revisit this sort of thing and see what I could say these days as well. 

With the rise of private Instagrams, there's never been a better platform to be able to talk about things to a small but seemingly quite engaged audience. I thought I'd take advantage of this. 

While in previous years my writing has been locked behind extensive security and felt very private, I understand that this is a more open community. More people will probably see this writing than I really intend on it. But that's okay. I'd appreciate it if everyone tried to keep things relatively close knit though, and through traffic stats I'll be able to tell if anything is getting too far out of hand. I hope you all like the new companion to leg_of_me.