Startup Lyf

It was early 2014 when I finally decided that the desk at the end of my bed was no longer a productive enough space to work, and so began the process of looking for a suitable place to move my business operations in the everlasting search for greater productivity and higher success. The problem was, working in an environment that distracting was getting me nowhere. Bed was less than two feet away, and in combination with the television mounted on my wall the temptation to slack off and "think about ideas" was just too great. 

I found some really great options. In all honesty, for a micro business, Melbourne is a really great city to be in. Not only are there some great full fledged coworking offices, there are a number of opportunities to share a smaller more private space with another business or two, plus the extensive community of support found in program's such as General Assembly or Startup Victoria.