App Development, Pty. Ltd. and much more!

It's been a while folks, we know we've maintained somewhat of a radio silence over the past couple months. But we've been hard at work and have a lot of exciting new stuff to talk about. So grab yourself a drink and settle in, this will be a great one filled with plenty of shameless self promotion and more. 

At the business end, we're excited to announce that we've finally become a proper, fully fledged proprietary limited company as of just last week. This has been way too long coming, and honestly should have happened quite a while ago. As 5.Levels grew and developed, most of the work has been completed by myself so a sole trader business setup was adequate. However as the business has continued to mature, the need to take the next step up has become more and more pronounced. Although we've always done business under 5.Level branding, when it comes to invoicing etc, everything has always run through just me, as a sole trader. As of the other week, 5.Levels is now officially a part of Mobile Data Management Pty. Ltd. The name change is really irrelevant, and we won't be changing any branding or anything. This is just the name of our business organisation, which contains offshoots such as 5.Levels and Corner.5. The business structure shakeups don't change much for most people, but for our existing customers it means a change of ABN, and the addition of GST. We haven't needed to charge this in the past as we've sat beneath the earnings threshold requiring a business to charge it, but as we now are pushing on this and the need to claim back GST ourselves as a business grows, it means now that the time has come to include this in our billing. The move to proprietary limited also now means we can pay those working for us (properly...) and even sell shares (though we aren't currently offering any options). The nitty gritty details of what this move means are basically only applicable to us working behind the scenes, so I'll stop boring you all with this information. It is however an important milestone in the growth of our company and one that I wanted to share with everyone. It's been a long time coming, but we've finally taken this step and I'm excited to share the news.  

Let's move onto some more exciting stuff now. Over the past six months, things have been pretty crazy behind the scenes, as new skill sets have been developed and new markets have been entered. Excitingly, we feel we're now developed enough in this area to share the news with the public. 5.Levels is getting into app development, in a big way. Our first app, DeltaDash, a piece of bespoke Android enterprise software developed for Sync International is currently in beta testing and will be in the hands of hundreds of production users in the next month or two. iOS development isn't far behind, and will be a complete part of our offering in the coming months. But don't think we've forgotten about the backend. We've also spent time fleshing out our skills in database management (PGSQL & MySQL) and server side PHP development to interface user facing iOS & Android Apps and websites with powerful data driven backends. Though this sounds like a lot of technical garbage, the possibilities are endless. This will mean big things for our customers and a lot of potential for future growth as we take on newer, bigger, and much, much more exciting projects. 

In layman's terms, we have now moved from a company only capable of writing simple, static websites which only ever show the same information to everyone, to one that is capable of writing dynamic, data driven websites and mobile apps, conditionally showing different data to different users. This sounds small, but from a technical perspective is a quantum leap in capacity and potential. 

What's more? These new skills allow us to write brand new apps of our own, for all sorts of purposes. For example, currently under development is a great new app that will be able to trawl through planning permit requests for all sorts of commercial and residential projects, all over Australia. This property based app will allow businesses to track their competitors progression, trends in the industry and much, much more. We're hoping for an late October launch on both iOS and Android.

Here at 5.Levels, we love a good after work pint, taking clients out for a counter meal at the local and celebrating a long hard week of work at the pub with a cold one. So in my own spare time I've been hacking away at a great new app, HotSpot, which will make choosing where to go for a beer a no brainer. I won't go into detail yet, but you'll all love it. It's nothing serious, but the sort of thing that makes a great weekend project. 

In other news, plenty of time has been spent overseas both for work and play. I myself have just returned from a mid year break in Europe, soaking up the sun in London, Edinburgh and Antwerp with some great mates. Belgian beer in the 35˚+ afternoon sun out in the town squares of Antwerp is really very nice. But it hasn't been all play and no work, with plenty of hours spent in Sydney at the Creative Activation offices with Sync International presenting apps and talking business.

That's all from me today, but stay tuned for more and more updates over the coming few weeks as some of our biggest changes go into production. Things are looking very interesting over the second half of the calendar year, and we're excited to get all of our new services and apps into the hands of our clients and consumers as fast as possible. 


Hamish Prior
Mobile Data Management Pty. Ltd.