Growing a Face: Creating a Current Identity

Designing a professional, captivating corporate identity is not an easy task. It's something that some businesses are entirely dedicated to doing, a form of art demanding some of the most intelligence and respect. These past few launch weeks for 5.Levels have been some of the busiest we have experienced, sorting out the beginnings of our organisation and getting into routine with some of our first customers. We haven't had the opportunity to really look at our own identity and branding, but no business can prosper with only Futura Book representing their brand. So with the first fraction of spare time we got, we decided to get started on something. 

What we came up with was something that although slightly temporary, is something that we feel carries across our image well. We're not going to pretend that this is something we're keeping around forever. We've already begun conversations with branding firms looking at the best way to come up with something that will stand the test of time and be as professionally engineered and designed as possible. But we needed something in the interim. And it's going to do the job just fine. 

While we sort out our long term identity and branding strategy, this official stamp will be serving as our logo, our corporate face. We'll be assembling a press kit shortly. But it's worth noting that this is not permanent. This is our baby face, right before we hit puberty and blossom into something even more beautiful. 

But the fact is, branding identity is just too important to leave up to 5.Levels written in as generic a font as Futura Book.