Job Opening

Sales Associate

Good news! 5.Levels is looking for sales associates to help out our business, and we know that our friends and acquaintances from the past few years are the perfect ones to help. 

We're looking for people who are:

  • Driven, motivated and keen to show off and emulate the professional qualities of 5.Levels
  • Someone with the necessary connections, knowledge and ability to generate and follow up leads, conversions and new target markets. 
  • Someone who knows people in various companies capable of utilising our services
  • Someone who can land one of these people as a client
  • Someone who is motivated, not just for their own financial and professional development reasons but 5.Level's as well.  
  • Knowledgable of the basic fundamentals of selling a product. 

It's most important to us that the people we're working with are capable of developing legitimate leads that can turn into real, paying customers. We're looking for people with great contacts in great businesses. 

It's also important that our sales associates are capable of working well with our Director of Accounts and senior management team. Working well with others is critical. This is not a full time job or at this moment capable of being a full substitute for a regular part time job. We are a small business, relying more on the power of people than currency. Of course however, success will be well compensated.