5.Levels becomes official Squarespace Specialist


When I started 5.Levels, I could never have imagined how much it would grow and how far it could come. As we approach our second birthday, I can look back upon many important milestones and memorable moments.  

Late last week I received an email delivering some very pleasant news about what would be one of our biggest milestones to date. The Squarespace platform has always been a very important part of our business strategy, and has truly been the backbone of most of what we do. I can say with complete conviction that if it did not exist, neither would 5.Levels or any of the solutions we've been able to provide to clients. So when I received an email from the Squarespace team, alerting me to the fact that 5.Levels had been accepted into the Squarespace Specialists program, I was really quite pleased. Squarespace recently launched the program in order to provide their users a valuable resource to find support and development consultants who can assist them in ways which would be too time and resource consuming for Squarespace themselves to take care of. I can now happily say that 5.Levels has joined the ranks, and are a fully participating member of the official specialists community.

After less than a week, we've already begun work with clients referred from the specialists page, signing up our two of our first international clients based in the United States. Go ahead and take a look at our page here.

We're very proud to have been given the opportunity to take part in this. It's not only good for business, but a positive validation of all the hard work that everyone has put in.

Hamish Prior