Our true royal family

It's a new era. It's finally here. The change we've been waiting for, aching for, for so long in the pop music industry. 

For the pop industry, these past few years haven't been a fraction as glamorous as the female superstars of 2013. They've been anything but. We've seen Avril and Britney grace the upper ranks of the charts for a lot of this past decade, but their time is over. Thankfully. It's clear that the pop industry has taken a dramatic turn into a really new era of musical sounds. We've ushered in songs that would never have made an appearance more than 2 years ago. Maybe it's not saved, but it's certainly not being left alone. 


January 2012 saw the release of Lana Del Rey's debut album, Born To Die, changing the female pop industry forever. The number of incredible songs on that chart topper of an album, even for a music snob like myself, was just incredible. Lana hit the nail on the head and brought something to the table that even a true connoisseur could enjoy. Finally, a song sung with such paralysing beauty I could not just simply dismiss it as more tasteless shit churned out by a money hungry label. This had been carefully thought about, carefully produced and given plenty of time and attention. Drawing inspiration from Elvis Presley, Amy Winehouse, Janis Joplin, Nirvana, Eminem, Bruce Springsteen, and Britney Spears, Del Rey changed the way we perceive the female pop industry in a truly drastic way. 

Lana, daughter of Millionaire-with-lots-of-connections Rob Grant spent ages at the tops of charts and earned platinum and gold status in Australia and the United States respectively. It's clear that Lana came after the people in a big way and didn't just target one portion of the market. Her queen like persona wanted it all, and she conquered the minds of many. 

While Lana continues to impress with her beautifully rich voice full of such depth and vividness, she isn't the only one making dents in this incredibly volatile industry. 


Welsh sensation Marina Diamandis, the stunningly gorgeous singer known better by her stage name Marina & The Diamonds (the diamonds being her fans) stunned the scene yet again with her April 2012 release of Electra Heart. With appetites so recently wet by Born To Die and Lana's huge success, Electra Heart was taken to instantly by millions. Marina, keeping that same truly regal social positioning as Lana had developed months earlier impressed us all with a killer second album, one always said to be the hardest to produce. Maybe it's my bias. Maybe it's me needing to account for the fact that I played Electra Heart  on repeat almost the whole of a flight to Los Angeles last year. But maybe, just maybe, this is yet another example of truly stirring artistry.

I started writing songs when I was 13 or 14 because I’ve always been a huge reader. My mum’s a poet and we’ve always had so many books, and that’s always been a big thing for me, arguably more so than music.
— Lorde

Thankfully, the rise of this incredible new style of music doesn't just stop at just Lana and Marina. 16 year old Kiwi Ella Yelich-O'Connor wanted some of this musical sovereignty too, with the release of her EP Love Club. In what felt like almost no time, Love Club and it's hit song Royals went from something only one of my most musically in touch friends recommended in the middle of the night one day to a chart topping sensation. 

The truly stunning Lorde brings to this new and growing genre even more of an edge and bite. With snappy lyrics and a real mystique about her, Lorde captivates her fans further with her very much in touch use of social media. While some large bands employ online presence agencies to manage this kind of thing, Lorde uses her an unrivalled asset to her advantage, her young age. Especially as a 16 year old myself, following Lorde on Instagram and Facebook feels like it would following any other of your friends, with instagram photos of drunken nights and selfies that you or I could have posted (okay, maybe not to quite the same calibre). But at the end of the day, the way Lorde handles herself in this world coupled with her incredibly musical abilities leaves me wondering if she is just the queen, or more of an empress of her category.