CHC Orange on Alpha.png
Complete Squarespace redevelopment, structural overhaul, custom design
4 month duration

Following a thrilling 2017 season, Camberwell Hockey Club approached us to redevelop their website into something fresh, current and fit for a club of their stature and prominence in the Australian hockey community.

Camberwell revolves around a few key principals, their relentless pursuit of success and remaining the best stands out as a key point that really exemplifies what these guys are striving to achieve, and made it instantly clear to us that only the best quality site would be acceptable.

Camberwell had already amassed an incredible amount of content, there was no shortage of stunning sports photography and info about the club’s history that we could use to develop something really great. The photography specifically allowed us to go with an image heavy website with clean and clear page designs, complimenting the images and giving the viewer an instantaneous understanding of the prestigious position it holds amongst the Victorian and Australian hockey communities.

When designing the new website, we worked with the club’s high level comms reps to come up with the structural design we’d be targeting. Previous iterations of the Camberwell website heavily revolved around the club’s internal sections; juniors, men’s, women’s and masters. As the club continues to centralise it’s operations and define itself as 'one club’, the decision was made to move away from this section based focus. Instead, what we put together was the ultimate prospectus for Camberwell HC, reflecting the club’s position in the community and cleanly presenting relevant information to not only the clubs members, but prospective players too.